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Idrissu Ismael – Tranmere fan trip to Ghana

As you may be aware, due to coming across articles on the subject via scrolling through the Club’s website to try and see if we have made any new signings or appointed the ‘Messiah’ in Micky Mellon, Tranmere Rovers are planning a trip out to Ghana for their supporters so they can help with area developments and in turn branch out the word of the Whites to other places around the Globe. This is something that was probably done due to the story of Idrissu Ismael’s Tranmere story, the man that is the only .. or one of the very few .. supporters over there. Thus, I thought it would be good to hear his perspective on the trip and see why he is so grateful that one of his dreams is going to be coming true.

Do you know how the opportunity for Rovers fans to visit Ghana came about and why was this something that you were always interested in?

The opportunity is from Will Newbolt who works for African Adventures and has done work with Tranmere Rovers before, he’s also been to Ghana previously as well. So he thought that it would be good to extend the opportunity to Tranemre fans, it’s something that I’m interested in as I’m happy to see and meet Rovers fans in my area.

What will the people who are coming over be doing in your area and how do you think this will impact their lives as well as the lives of area residents?

To my understanding they are coming as volunteers and also to help in taking part in building schools here, I think it will help my people around here as it will give an opportunity to share and learn each other’s cultures. More to the point, mostly they will be dealing with students and they can transpire simple knowledge and advice that will help shape the life of Ghanian kids.

Are there many different sights to see in Ghana, specifically Accra,  and what should the volunteers be intrigued in learning about?

Ghana has a lot of tourist sites that they can visit. The volunteers will mostly be staying on the Volta coast where there are beaches and plenty of sights to see and they will enjoy travelling across Ghana’s coast and they are here to learn about our culture through different means such as Dance, Food and our Dresses. They will also be taught more about our area, how they can help children around and thus will learn more about the place that we live in and the developments that we are planning.

What would you, in particular, want visitors to get a taste of for themselves?

Our tourist sites, our historical places during the slave trade era and some of our culture here in Ghana and Africa.

From a personal perspective, what are the things that you’re looking forward to learning about them and how grateful will you be to have them in your company?

Seeing and meeting some Tranmere fans here will help to clear some of my imagination as I’m the only Rovers fan in Ghana! I will be grateful that a dream of mine has been fulfilled in a way that I never expected it to be. I will watch and hear some of them sing ‘Tequila’ live in front of me as well and I will be able to speak about my passion for the club and hear about their experiences also.

How would you describe your area and day to day life?

My area is Ashaiman-MiddleEast. It’s located in Accra, 25mins away to the Airport. My day to day life is about always thinking and finding ways and means as a super Tranmere fan to build a strong fan base here in Ghana and Africa and I’m praying that with hope one-day life will permit me to help the needy and vulnerable as Rovers are doing in their own community.

If your interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity then you can find out more about it via—the-opportunity-of-a-lifetime/ It’s certainly an adventure that will give you a different perspective on life in a fun, interesting and eventful manner.

I’d like to thank Idrissu for talking to me and you can read more sport features, opinionated articles and reports etc throughout the summer on my website ‘’!

Flag of Ghana, where you could be visiting next year!

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