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In two days time (18th October 2019),Tranmere Rovers face Southend United in a league fixture, under the Prenton Park lights. Thus, I have decided to place questions towards a Southend United supporter before the big fixture commences. Find out how @ShrimpersTalk became a Southend United supporter and much much more … 

1. How long have you been a supporter of Southend United and how did you discover the club? I’ve been a supporter of Southend United since 1997 and fell in love with the club through my dad who also supports the club as did my Grand father before that.

2. Where did Southend finish last season?

We finished 19th last season but only escaped relegation on the final day by beating Sunderland 2-1 at Roots Hall via goals from John White and an 87th minute goal by Stephen Humphrys. 

3. What are your thoughts on your current manager?

Currently we are without a manager as Kevin Bond resigned from the club over 30 days ago, we had been looking at bringing in Henrik Larsson as manager but that deal has ultimately fell through in recent days.

4. What are your expectations for this season?

At time of writing this we are currently 7 points a drift at the bottom of league one and have only won once all season and that was last month away to MK Dons so as much as I’d like to avoid relegation down to League Two I do not think that will happen unfortunatly.

5. Which one player is your danger man and why?

Our team is very poor this season with many players not performing so we are not big in the quality department at present so our danger man has to be striker Stephen Humphrys who is our main goal threat.

6. What is your score prediction for our match on Friday?

Morale is low at the minute and being without a manager is not helpful so 3-1 Tranmere but I do always hope we may somehow win.

7. Random fact about Southend?

Southend has the longest pleasure pier in the world which comes in at a length of 1.34 miles.

8. Do you support any other clubs other than Southend?

Nope I’m a firm believer of only supporting one club so for me it’s ‘The Shrimpers’.

9. Proudest moment as a supporter of Southend?

Beating a Manchester United side consisting of Ronaldo, Rooney 1-0 at Roots Hall in the Carling Cup and progressing to the Quarter Finals of the competition.

And finally … 

10. What are your thoughts on Tranmere?

In all honesty I do not really know much about the team or the area so don’t really hold an opinion.

I would like to thank @ShrimpersTalk for answering the questions I placed towards them, thank you!

My match report for the home encounter with Southend United will be published soon!

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  1. Sadly missed Luke Brown. SWA good write up i must say thanks. Ethan

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