Birkenhead Venture Boxing is in a strong position for 2023.

Birkenhead Venture Boxing has a strong future ahead thanks to ‘The Roadmap’. 

‘I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better Boxing Club in the whole Country’.

Those are the words of Sean Trodden, Birkenhead Venture Boxing Club Head Coach, when he takes a look back at the transformation his Club has made since the lockdowns that COVID brought. 

It has all been down to the ‘Roadmap’ which was formed when he had a lot of time to exercise, to think and to realise a few things that had been let slip at the gym.

‘A couple of the Coaches were wanting to work with their favourites and it had lost the ethos of the traditional Boxing Club’s. I knew I had to change something to achieve success thus I got all the coaches in and got their feedback on the plans for the future and it has definitely been effective’. 

Success is viewed through many factors at a place that he simply describes as a ‘Busy community hub’. Through the great volume of people that attend the classes and two fighters becoming national champions in the first year back, as well as two this season, it has certainly been achieved.   

I have been to the gym myself and was taken aback when looking at the work that has been done by Sean and others in the form of extensions as they plan for a great future. 

‘During lockdown we put a big circuit hall on the back so we didn’t have to go out of the gym to do some exercises. Last Autumn we changed the meeting room, so I put a back office in for the coaches’. 

The coaches, some new since some departed as the club looked to become aligned again, are greatly talented at what they do.

‘One of our coaches, Robbie Girven, was the very first boxer for Venture to win the National Title as he won the Junior ABA’s in 1986 down at Wembley Arena. The vast majority of our coaches have boxed competitively and the ones that haven’t are still motivated, hard working and good at what they do so it gels well to make a fantastic team’. 

There is an array of talented youngsters coming through, with thanks to the help from the coaches who provide one-on-one sessions, as the Championships near. 

‘We’re hoping that we have a really strong School squad, their Championships aren’t until May and we’re very hopeful for that. It could be one of our most productive years ever, as we’ve already equaled last year’s achievements, which justifies the roadmap’.  

‘Letitia McKee is a School girl National Champion and Leon Burns has just won a National Title this year, a Junior Development Title. However, I don’t really like to name anyone as the ones who you don’t expect to do well, do well in my experience, so we just hope for the best’.

Through spreading the word in the sporting sphere The Steven Gerrard academy trains at the gym and due to funding they have managed to secure ten separate special educational needs classes. ‘We’re doing everything in our power really to keep things flowing and keep us reaching our goals’.

Despite Sean saying that the roadmap has no secrets as it is just about doing the basics right, it is amazing to talk to him as he is glowing when looking towards the future ‘The Club is in the strongest position it has been in for some years’.

‘The Club is a massive family, we pride ourselves on that. We’ve got rid of the deadwood and it’s about being together now as we go forwards and achieve more’.

Sean Trodden celebrates Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd’s victory. Dodd is one of many successful fighters to come through Birkenhead Venture Boxing.

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  1. fantastic club with dedicated coaches. You only have to see what they do for the kids in the community. So inspiring to see kids off the street every night of the week doing something productive and being taught respect at the same time. keep up the great work team Venture. we’ll done !!

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