Crawley Town – Best and Worst.

The best and worst of ‘some’* Crawley Town subjects.

Ahead of the encounter between Tranmere Rovers and Crawley Town in League Two action this Saturday, I spoke to Stephen Dimmock about some of the best and worst moments, players and managers that he’s had the pleasure and displeasure of enduring.

Best team: GK- Glenn Morris, RB- Lewis Young, CB- Kyle McFadzean, CB- Jordan Tunnicliffe, LB- Nick Tsaroulla, RM- Sergio Torres, CM- Dannie Bulman, CM- Hope Akpan, LM- Billy Clarke, ST- Matt Tubbs, ST- Max Watters.

Best player: Matt Tubbs – Top scorer in 2010/11 season, absolute goal machine.

Worst player: Dominic Poleon – Had a decent reputation when first signed, but didn’t score many, wasn’t trying hard and mocked the club on social media.

Best moment/game: Penalty shootout win vs Stoke in 2019-20 League Cup.

Worst moment/game: 2015 relegation or loss v Colchester in 2019-20 League Cup.

Best haircut: Sergio Torres.

Worst Haircut: Jordan Tunnicliffe when he dyed it blonde in the summer, obviously trying to copy Phil Foden when he is a defender.

Best season: 2010/11 for promotion to the Football League and legendary cup run.

Worst season: 2014/15 (as it resulted in relegation) although 2015/16 and 2018/19 were close.

Best goal: Nick Tsaroulla vs Leeds in 2021.

Best kit: The away one in 2020/21, only time I’ve been tempted to buy one.

Worst kit: 2012-13 home, 2015-16 home and both of this season’s kits.

Best chant: Must admit I don’t think the chants are anything special or original, but one for Bez Lubala a couple of years ago was alright.

Best manager: Statistically Steve Evans but didn’t take to him much and to be honest most managers would have done well with the squad we had in the early 2010s. From my time I’d say John Yems but that’s mainly because all of the others have been rubbish.

Worst manager: Harry Kewell without a doubt (and we have had some bad managers in recent years). The guy thought he was much bigger than the club, had an argument with fans at Wycombe Wanderers and then two weeks into the second season ran off to Notts County. We cannot stand the bloke and seeing his managerial career tank has made me laugh.

Best cult hero: Sergio Torres, for late winner vs Derby in 2011 plus a great background story. Was also a core member of our team for the first few years as a league club and even had a film made about him a few years ago.

Best hard man: I’d say probably Kyle McFadzean, although we did have quite a few of them in that era seeing that Steve Evans was managing at the time. 

Worst hard man: Ashley Nadesan is trying to be one at the moment but is coming across as a League Two version of Granit Xhaka and many fans criticised him for his behavior vs Harrogate last week.

Matt Tubbs, Crawley Town striker between the years of 2010 and 2012, was an ‘absolute goal machine’.

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