FGR – meeting the opposition.

On Saturday, Tranmere travel South as they come up against Forest Green Rovers in what should be a clash between two sides looking for promotion at the end of the season.

There has been so many entertaining encounters between Rovers and the Green Army, most famously the 2017 National League Play Off Final in which the latter won 3-1. 

To hear about all things Forest Green, I spoke to @FGR_Alfie about what’s happening on and off the pitch. We also had some time to discuss how the ninety minutes may go on the day. 

How long have you been a Forest Green supporter and how did you first come across the club?

I’ve been a Forest Green Rovers fan for about 6-7 years. I first came across the club when a friend from school was an ambassador and I received free tickets for a game. From then on I’ve been going to the club nearly every week.

What are your best and worst experiences following the Green Army throughout this time?

Personally, I think the best experience I’ve had as a FGR fan is the promotion into League Two, which I’m sure many tranmere fans know about. On the other hand. I think one of the worst experiences was being around the top at Christmas one season then going on to win 2 in 23 games.

Random fact about the club/the area?

A random fact about the club is that we are the only professional vegan football club in the world, but I’m sure many know that already.

We’re currently a month into the 2021/22 campaign but what are your thoughts and expectations for the next ten months and how do they compare to those that you had this time last season?

I think we’ve got off to a brilliant start this season, better than any other. It’s very early to call, but as a guess I think we could get automatic promotion.

Who is the current Forest Green manager? What are your thoughts on him and how he normally approaches games from a tactical perspective?

The current manager is Rob Edwards. I think Rob has really revitalised and reconnected many fans at the club. It actually gets to the point where you look forward to a Saturday because you know you’re going to see exciting football and we challenge for a win more often. It’s a very possessive style of football that we play also.

Who are the owners of the club? What are most fans thoughts on them and are there any current off field projects that are exciting fans?

I’m sure many Tranmere fans will know the answer to this one, but the chairman of FGR is Dale Vince. I think the general population of our fans have a lot of time for Dale and are excited by the future. We’re planning on building a new stadium in the coming years which could be an exciting prospect.

Who are your key players and danger men?

I would personally say our key players or “danger men” so far this season are, Jamille Matt, Matty Stevens, Kane Wilson and Nicky Cadden. However, I think the majority of the team have a chance of being key. 

If we are to take a look at this summers transfer recruitment, what are your thoughts on the business that the club was able to make and would you have liked anything more to have happened?

Overall I’ve been fairly impressed by the recruitment this season, in particular the midfield area in signing Regan Hendry and Ben Stevenson. Again, I think these players have got off to a fantastic start and are very exciting prospects for the club.

What do you think of Tranmere as a club in general and who do you believe are their key men?

I think Tranmere as a club are fairly respectable, obviously we’ve had plenty of banter with your fans over the last few years playing each other in the play offs etc, i’d like to be able to comment on who your danger men were, but i’m not 100% certain. I’ve read a bit about Elliot Nevitts journey from Warrington Rylands to Tranmere, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does. 

Score prediction for Saturday?

Not too sure what the score will be because the games between the two sides are always fairly unpredictable. But I’d like to say a 2-1 win for FGR.

‘Our current manager is Rob Edwards. I think he’s revitalised and reconnected so many fans at the club since his appointment’

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