Thomas Whewell’s viewpoint on the ESL.


I spoke to a supporter of League Two, Tranmere Rovers, who completely opposed the European Super League proposals and who the League would’ve benefitted the most. He believes that issues such as ticket prices need addressing and that sporting integrity must be kept intact.

‘I support Tranmere and been interested in football my whole life’  

‘My thoughts, about the ESL, were that it could put the whole pyramid in jeopardy’ 

‘It’s important that all clubs hold the same values and positions, we need to keep sporting integrity so no one is entitled to anything’. 

‘The only ones it benefited were those glory hunters in other countries and the owners behind it. I think the reaction it received was deserved and definitely an eye opener to prove no one can just come and franchise our game’.  

‘I think the Premier League should punish them in every way possible for even having the audacity to propose such a ridiculous idea that could ruin football forever, never mind actually agreeing to it. They’re no different from Wigan, Bolton, Bury Birmingham etc. If they’re not punished it only reinforces their view of being untouchable and something similar will happen again. With them out of the PL it will obviously bring less money but I think it would be refreshing and more competitive’. 

‘Perez is absolutely deluded for coming out with such a ridiculous statement, the reason 16-24yr olds don’t ‘have an interest’ is because we can’t pay the ridiculous subscription fees in order to watch it never mind the ridiculous ticket prices of those in the PL, I’m quite lucky  ticket prices are reasonable in LG2’. 

‘The brilliance of the English pyramid is that you can have Leicester go and win the league, you have West Ham pushing for the champions league, I know they’ve been relegated but last season Sheffield United pushed for Europe. That’s what it’s all about’. 

‘I thought the super league was a complete insult to what sport is about and an absolute money grab by owners who clearly have no idea about what football means to us and don’t care to understand our culture. After watching Neville’s and Carragher’s reaction among the uproar of fans I knew it wouldn’t be long before the plans caved’. 

‘Owners gave an apology but not that they meant it otherwise they wouldn’t have proposed it in the first place. If they cared about the fans’ views then why was it schemed in private behind the scenes? They need to be punished and punished heavily to ensure this doesn’t happen again’.

‘Ticket prices especially in the PL need reducing massively, it’s no longer the working man’s sport, we need to take power off billionaires and give it to the people that care, the fans, finally racism needs to be taken more seriously give lifetime bans to anyone found guilty of racism, you’re not accidentally racist and you get more punishment if you put a bet on’. 

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