Best and Worst – Tranmere.

Best and Worst – Tranmere Rovers F.C

Scott Keith Walker, 24 years old – Supporter since 2003. 

My favourite team has to be from the I think it was 05/06 season. It’s the first team I remember properly watching and some of my all time favorites played in it. The worst for me would have to be the 14/15 squad that saw us relegated to the national league.

My all time favourite player for me is Ian Hume. He was my hero when I first started watching the rovers and while the other kids were pretending to be Stevie G or Rooney whilst having a kick about on the playground I was shouting Hume (on the rare occasion) that I banged in a goal. My least favourite player, and this is just my personal opinion of course, has to be Marc Laird. I know a lot of fans like him but for me it just all he ever seemed to do was lose possession and sometimes he’d win it back. But as I say I don’t know what it was I just never liked the football he played. That might be one for the unpopular opinion bin though.

Moment I’ll keep short and sweet. Best moment? Norwood’s winner against Borehamwood to take us back to the football league. Worst? The journey back after watching us get bent over by Forrest Green in the play off final.

Haircut I don’t really know, I don’t think we’ve had any extravagant ones have we? In all honesty I never took much notice of hair cuts but you can’t go wrong with Humey’s skinhead can you? Bit I definitely couldn’t give a worst I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a players haircut.

Favourite signing for the impact and career that had for us in my time as a fan was probably Norwood but honorable mention to the resigning of Ian hume. I know it didn’t go well but I can’t tell you the goosebumps I got when he was subbed on for the first time and I heard his name called over the tannoy again. Least favourite signing for me would probably be Nugent on loan at the moment. Seems ridiculous that we let two capable strikers go and brought in someone not really ready to play as a replacement and now find ourselves in a real predicament because of it.

Favourite season. Promotion from league 2, some brilliant memories and away days from that one. Least would be last season. Wrongful relegation after coming into form and being in no doubt at all we wouldn’t make a great escape really does cut deep and I’m definitely still bitter about that one as, I’m sure, so are many others.

Favourite goal. Norwoods in the final. Because it was sloppy and weak but it went in and that’s all that mattered. Least favourite goal? The Bury scored to doom us and promote themselves and meant we had to watch them dance on our pitch.

Best kit for me is the home strip worn from 05 – 07. Simple but effective. Least favourite is the home strip from 15 – 16. Just looked ugly to me.

Nickname I’ll go with jenno for favourite and in all honesty I never had a least favourite nickname. I have zero negative feelings towards any nicknames.

Favourite chant by far is “one night on gay paris” absolutely love that bad boy. Least favourite chant, well I don’t know if you could call it a chant but that thing with the clapping that the kop tried to do to copy from the Iceland fans because we had nordic roots. It was a disaster and didn’t work at all.

Favourite manager that I actually watched manage would have to be Micky Mellon for me. Least favourite John Barnes.

Favourite cult hero has to be Goody. What an absolute legend of a man he is never mind that fact he was our best cb in recent history. Least favourite cult hero is a tough one because the very definition of a cult hero is people love them and in all honesty I couldn’t pick one I dislike.

Hard man I’ll have to go with McNulty as my favorite. Took absolutely zero sh*t and gave just as many fu*ks. 

Facial hair I don’t know at all to be honest and can’t even picture any players who actually had facial hair so I’m going to have to skip that one sorry.

My favourite hard man? Steve McNulty. Took absolutely zero sh*t and gave just as many fu*ks.

Steve McNulty joined Tranmere in 2015 and left as a double promotion winner to League One from the National League in 2019.

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