Trisha Marie interview.

Trisha Marie.

I spoke to long-serving Tranmere Rovers supporter, Trisha Marie about the women’s game and all subject matters that relate to it. She has been a fan for many years and loves all aspects of the game, whether that be watching her beloved Rovers or engaging with others about what’s happening at the club. Trisha isn’t interested in the women’s game though, which shows that it has a lot to do to change the opinions of others.

You’re a Tranmere fan but how did you first get into football and have you ever played for a team (at any level) before?

I got into football because my dad was a big Tranmere fan and started taking me with my brothers and sisters and I when we were young. I don’t really remember the first games I went to but I must have enjoyed it because I kept going back! I’ve never played football myself.

Do you think that women love the sport to the same level that men do? You see that there is sometimes a narrative that it is only loved by females when there is a big game on.

Women definitely love football just as much as men. I am mad about Tranmere and anyone who knows me well knows that! There are always going to be some girls who just jump on the bandwagon when there are big games, like Liverpool in the champions league for example. But for lower league teams like Tranmere, I think it’s obvious that the female fans are just as passionate about their team as the men are.

What do you make of the women’s game in England, if you watch the WSL then what do you think of that?

I personally don’t watch women’s football. I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t interest me for some reason, just being honest! I’m supportive of women playing football and I’m glad they do, just not something I personally watch.

Do you think that the women’s game can improve massively in the near future? How do you think this can be done and to what extent do you think that things will improve?

It’s difficult for me to answer this to be honest, as mentioned above that I don’t watch women’s football. I do think it can definitely improve, however personally I don’t believe it will ever reach the same levels as the men’s game.

What is it like to be a female football fan? 

I love it! I still find that when I chat to people they are surprised to hear that I’m a massive football fan. But they soon realise when I don’t stop talking about Tranmere haha. However, there are still some men who obviously don’t respect female fans and try to put them down for their opinions. I’ve experienced it quite a lot when I post on supporters pages etc, but I’ve learnt to just block those types of fans! The majority of people are really friendly and interested to hear different points of view.

Do you think that the men’s game should do more to improve subject matters of the women’s game?

I think it’s important that the men’s game does try and support the women’s game as best it can. It’s important that women who play football feel valued and that issues are addressed, just as they would be in the men’s game. However I do believe there will always be barriers to this, as the women’s game is not as popular as the men’s and is unlikely to ever be so.

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