Sunderland – The Black Cats’ predicted team and opinions for each player from a fan.

Sunderland – Predicted team and opinions from two Black Cats supporters.

For my ‘meeting the opposition’ I have recently started to ask supporters of the opposing team just how they could see their starting eleven selected an hour before kick off looking like. This is an important part of my write ups now as it gives us all a chance to search and gain some vital knowledge of players that we may come up against, not many of us know a lot of football league players given how the media likes to document the upper echelons of football instead. On top of this, I’ve also asked them to give their opinion on the players that they’ve predicted will start. It’s always interesting to see the weak points of a side .. What players are worth attacking for them to crumble under the pressure? What players will pose a great threat to our team? In my opinion, this is interesting. 

Sunderland’s predicted starting eleven – Team given by @michael_dunne_2 and @SAFCLJ2 provided his opinion.

Lee Burge. He’s a very solid keeper. He has made a few mistakes but he’s now our best shot stopper and hasn’t put a foot wrong recently. Your forwards are going to have to do well to get past him.

Luke O’Nien. In my opinion, he’s amazing at everything. He’s literally the first ever player, or one of the very few, who can play anywhere. Loves the club to bits and always puts 100% into every game. Certain starter.

Ollie Younger. He’s been solid.

Tom Flanagan. He’s class on the left side of a back three, can look amazing one day but has the tendency to look really poor the next. Let’s hope Sunday is one of his finer days, it needs to be, he needs to excel against a good Tranmere side.

Callum Mcfadzean. Class when used as a left wing back. Made us lose loads of points this campaign but against Portsmouth he was class so I’d start him.

Max Power. Type of leader that we haven’t had in ages. He’s amazing in midfield and in the right back position, playing against Tranmere on the weekend will be a great occasion for him considering he came through Rover’s youth ranks.

Josh Scowen. Very frustrating because we know he has it in him but makes some mistakes, he’ll most probably start though.

Lynden Gooch. Thinks he’s Messi sometimes and tries to take everyone on but he has good pace and he’s one of those that are loyal to the club and the manager’s style of play.

Jordan Jones. He’s amazing, loads of pace and a great team player.

Aiden Mcgeady. He’s dangerous, it wasn’t too long ago he was in the Premier League with Everton so he has great quality at this level despite the fact he’s getting older.

Charlie Wyke Where do I start? His breakthrough season, when he first joined us he was dreadful but he finally found a manager that plays at his level and he’s been so good. 26 goals this campaign in all competitions. 

‘Luke O’Nien, in my opinion he’s amazing at everything and can play all over the pitch’

I’d like to thank both supporters for taking part in this write up by wishing them the best for the season, other than the final on Sunday as the North East outfit search for promotion to the Championship. It should be an interesting Trophy final, you can watch it on Sky Sports at 3pm this Sunday.

Ethan Hoijord 

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