‘Meeting the opposition’ – Newport County A.F.C

‘Meeting the opposition’ – Newport County 

On Tuesday night, Tranmere will host Newport County at Prenton Park in League Two action. Rovers going into this game are in a great run of form. However, their home form doesn’t reflect this as they have lost and drew against Stevenage and Oldham respectively. Thus, they will have a tough task in turning this round and Micheal Flynn’s side will pose questions and threats of their own. With this in mind, I placed questions towards a supporter of the visitors to get his thoughts about the Exiles’ on and off pitch positions going into the game whilst also getting his pre-match predictions and thoughts. 

How long have you been a fan of Newport and how did you first come across them?

I’d say I’ve supported the club for about 6 years now, and supported them ever since I got into football. I was born in Newport so I thought I might as well support my local.

What are your highs and lows as a supporter of the Exiles?

Best experiences have to be the cup runs and that play off campaign, as for the worst experiences it would probably have to be the season where we nearly went down the club was in such a mess that year.

Random fact about the club?

That’s a good question haha, it’s been 40 years since our European Cup Winners Cup Quarter Final match against German side FC Carl Zeiss Jena.

What are your thoughts on the campaign so far? What were your expectations going into the start of the season and what are they now?

Even though recent form hasn’t been the best the campaign has been good so far before the season i expected us to be down in the bottom half so to be in the top 7 still is great for the club.

Micheal Flynn has been Newport’s gaffer since 2017, thoughts on him?

He’s an absolute legend, gone from the great escape to cup runs to turning us into a side with promotion ambitions. We would probably be down in the national league if it wasn’t for him.

Who are the club’s owners and what are your thoughts on them?

We are a supporter owned club with our chairman being Gavin Foxall. Personally, I like this structure because it feels nice to know the fans are in charge and it’s not all down to money like some clubs. I’ll name Salford.

The visitors on Tuesday night will travel in the belief that they have the quality to win. What Exile players will set both sides apart?

That’s a tough one, I would say Nicky Maynard for sure I think every EFL fan knows how dangerous he can be. Also, Josh Sheehan is another one to watch easily, one of the best players in this league on his day.

If I push you to give a score prediction?

I’ll be honest anything can happen on the day so I’ve got no idea haha, I want to be positive and say a Newport win. However, I can see a draw so let’s go with 2-2.

What is your opinion on Tranmere? The club as a whole.

I like Tranmere as a club, to be honest. They have really good fans and deserve to be in league one. However, I hated them after that play off final haha.

What was Newport’s winter recruitment like? These signings are often vital as they make a great difference to where a club can finish at the end of the season.

Well, our winter was all over the place as we lost key players such as Twine and Cooper who returned to their parent clubs. On a positive note, we did bring in some good replacements such as players like Nicky Maynard, Don Telford, Luke Gambin, Anthony Hartigan, Jake Scrimshaw and Priestley Farquharson. We also added a lot of experience to the side and hopefully it’s enough to give us the last push and finish in the top 7. All the new signings have settled in well, Maynard and Telford scoring already.

Given that Tranmere are the club that will host this midweek encounter, a return to Prenton Park is on the cards for Joss Labadie and Kevin Ellison. Thoughts on them and their effect on Micheal Flynn’s side?

I like both of them to be honest, Kev has only been here since the summer but already has made an impact with his experience and work off the field. As for Joss, he’s been an amazing servant to the club and always gives 100%.

  • Joss Labadie played for Rovers for two years, between 2010 and 2012. He has played against the Whites before, a time that everyone will remember being the 2019 play off final. He will, this Tuesday night, face his former side again.

I would like to thank @MillAFC_ for his time answering the questions that I placed towards him. This game is one in which sees the two finalists of the 2019 League Two play offs come head to head. Thus, it should be exciting and one to certainly look forward to. I hope that readers enjoyed this Q+A.

Thank you very much for reading,

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Ethan Hoijord 

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