Sunderland v Tranmere : Meeting the opposition

Getting to meet Sunderland fan – @RokerReport 

Tommorow (22nd October 2019),Tranmere Rovers face Sunderland in a league fixture, under the lights of the ‘stadium of light’. Thus, I have decided to place questions towards a Sunderland supporter before the big fixture commences. Find out how @RokerReport became a Sunderland supporter and much much more … 

1. How long have you been a supporter of Sunderland and how did you discover the club?

My first game was 1990, but I certainly don’t remember it, so officially it was 1993 vs Wolves at Roker Park. Despite living in Scotland most of my life, I was brought up in Southwick, so my Dad was Sunderland, my Mam was Sunderland, my granda, my nanna, my uncles. I had no choice!

2. Where did Sunderland finish last season?

So 5th, but we lost in the play off final, as you may have saw.

3. What are your thoughts on your current manager?

We don’t have one at the moment! But I hear it’s going to be Phil Parkinson. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

4. What are your expectations for this season?

Promotion. We have to go up or itll be an absolute disaster.

Do I think we will? No, I dont to be honest, and I think we’ll possibly even end up outside of the play off spots.

5. Which one player is your danger man and why?

Aiden McGeady, the best player in league one one his day. Hes not had the best of seasons so far, but when hes in the mood he bamboozles defences and most of L1 cant keep up with him.

6. What is your score prediction for our match on Tuesday?

1-0 Sunderland with Will Grigg getting his first league goal of the season.

7. Random fact about Sunderland?

We once broke our own recors for lowest points tally when we got relegated with 15 points, after being relegated with 19 only three years prior.

8. Do you support/like any other clubs other than Sunderland?

I follow Hertha Berlin in Germany and most of my Scottish family are Rangers, so I have a fondness for both clubs, but nothing like I do for Sunderland, not even close.

9. Proudest moment as a supporter of Sunderland?

Getting to Wembley in 2014 at Old Trafford. Seeing Bardo’s shot get spilled by David De Gea in the last minute of injury time was one of the best moments of my life.

And finally … 

10. What is your opinion of Tranmere Rovers?

Used to hate playing them back in the 90s and early 00s. We didn’t seem to have many problems putting you away at home, but when we went to Prenton Park, youd always turn us over.

Last time we won there must have been 97/98 when Super Kev and Summerbee scored – in fact I think it’s the only time we’ve won there!

I would like to thank @RokerReport for answering the questions I placed towards them, thank you!

My match preview for the home encounter with Southend United will be published soon!

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